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I decided to create this website in 2017 to keep track of new meteorites with photographic orbits as they are published in the scientific literature, and share it with colleagues and enthusiasts around the world. With the increasing number of fireball camera networks installed world-wide, about three to four new orbits are currently published each year.

On my own background: I am the curator of Earth Sciences of the natural history museum (Naturmuseum) of St. Gallen in Switzerland; a meteoriticist and cosmochemist, working, among other things, on meteorites with orbits and the determination of their origins and cosmic histories. You can find out more about me (as well as my scientific record and CV) on my professional website.

If you’d like to contact me (e.g. with new information about meteorites with orbits, general comments, wishes for improvements, spotted errors etc.), please do so with the contact form below.

Thanks for visiting!
Matthias M. M. Meier

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